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Critical workplace injuries suffered by man who fell into trench

Workers in all industries and all states, including in Georgia, rely on their employers to provide work environments that are free of known hazards and to comply with prescribed safety regulations. While many employers prioritize worker safety, unanticipated workplace accidents sometimes show dangers that should have been addressed. In one such an incident, a man sufferedworkplace injuries when he was knocked into an unprotected trench.

Explosion: Fatal Georgia workplace accident kills 1, injures 5

A Georgia family is grieving the loss of a loved one while authorities are investigating an explosion that occurred early in the morning of a recent Sunday. The workplace accident that claimed this man's life happened at a grain mill in Rockmart at a facility at which poultry feed is manufactured. Five workers had to be hospitalized with injuries of varied severity, and it was reported that one of them was still in the hospital at the time of this report, nine days after the incident.

Company cited for serious injuries that caused worker's death

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently cited a manufacturer in Georgia for safety violations in the October death of a worker in Decatur. The worker was killed when a steel coil weighing three tons fell on him. The company was cited for serious safety violations, meaning that work hazards that could cause serious injuries, illness or death went unaddressed.

Georgia forklift operator dies in tragic workplace accident

One of the major hazards that Georgia workers are exposed to is forklifts. According to the safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers must ensure forklift operators are qualified. Any areas on a worksite that pose hazards for the use of forklifts must be identified and avoided or properly addressed in order to prevent a workplace accident.

Workplace fatalities: 17-year-old dies when trapped under car

Injuries suffered by young workers make up a significant percentage of on-the-job accidents. Sadly, in some cases, severe injuries can lead to workplace fatalities. One Georgia family recently received that dreaded call informing them of their son's death after suffering serious injuries. However, it is as yet unclear whether the deceased boy was an employee of the company where the accident occurred.

Over 30 workplace accident deaths in Georgia since October 2014

Georgia residents were recently reminded of the tragic 2011 death of a 19-year-old worker who lost his life in an on-the-job accident when the family was awarded $29 million by a Fulton County jury. The jury found that the company's disregard of safety regulations led to the fatal workplace accident in which the young worker burned to death. During Labor Day week, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognized the Georgia workers who lost their lives since the start of its fiscal year, dating back to the beginning of Oct. 2014.

Toxic exposure: Georgia worker dies in chemical explosion

A group of residents in the vicinity of a liquid chemical plant in Georgia recently had to be evacuated after a massive chemical explosion claimed the life of a worker. The evacuation was ordered to protect residents from deadly toxic exposure. At the time of the media report, investigators had not determined the specific cause of the blast.

Workplace fatalities prompt action to improve safety in Georgia

Following the May death of a worker at a construction site in Georgia, business leaders are concerned about worker safety in the construction industry. A task force was formed in Columbia County to address the issue. It was reported that the issue identified as the first to receive attention involves the legitimacy of subcontractors that are used by developers in the county. Thousands of new cyberdefense workers have resulted in a housing boom in Columbia, and immediate action is required to avoid workplace fatalities.

Worker suffers severe workplace injuries while cleaning equipment

There is no valid reason for employers to disregard the safety of their workers. Yet, some company owners continue to allow dangerous conditions to threaten employees, even after receiving citations for safety violations. One safety hazard that is prevalent in different industries is exposure to moving machine parts, and a Georgia air filter manufacturer recently received repeat citations after a worker suffered severe workplace injuries.

Film producer sentenced after fatal workplace accident on set

Following up on a blog post from March 6, 2014 about a fatality on a Georgia movie set ("On-the-job accident kills film crew member in Georgia"), the film director recently pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and involuntary manslaughter in a Georgia court. This followed a workplace accident that resulted in the death of a 27-year-old camera crew member on the set of a film about Gregg Allman. The camera assistant was working on the railroad when she was struck by a train.

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