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Frequently Asked Questions After Auto Accidents

A motor vehicle accident is a whirlwind of potential injuries, financial concerns, insurance matters, liability issues and more. Based in Atlanta and Jonesboro, Skibiel Law will give you clear advice and direction as this difficult situation unfolds. Call us at 770-968-3445 or 877-874-6650, or you can email us for a free consultation.

What Should I Do After A Crash?

First, you should check to see whether you or anyone else requires emergency medical services. Next, you and the other driver should exchange insurance information and license plate numbers. You should also file a report with the police and take photos of the accident scene and damage to your car.

Inform your insurer that a crash occurred, but provide minimal details. In the following days, however, you may want to speak with a lawyer before communicating with the insurance company further to protect your option to file a personal injury claim.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

If you have any injuries after the accident, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney. Even a seemingly minor accident could cause injuries that affect your daily life. If your case calls for a personal injury claim, an experienced lawyer can help you get compensation and work to prove fault.

How Much Would My Claim Be Worth?

Compensation depends on your economic and other losses. For example, if you were unable to work for two weeks after the crash and you spent three days in the hospital, you can file a claim for lost wages and medical costs. If you suffered a catastrophic injury, such as an amputation, you may claim additional damages because the accident may have caused a disability or condition that changes your life forever. Your attorney can help you estimate the value of your individual case.

How Long Do I Have To Decide Whether To File A Claim?

In Georgia, you only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit after a car or truck accident. This deadline is the statute of limitations, and there are few exceptions if you need an extension.

However, you must notify your insurance company within a few days or so of the accident. Not every case requires a lawsuit, but any delay in telling the insurer could jeopardize your ability to get any compensation.

Furthermore, waiting too long can make your case more difficult. Evidence could become lost or destroyed within the days or weeks after the crash, and it could be more difficult to find witnesses who can testify in your favor. If another driver hits you, it is important to begin the process as quickly as possible to get the best chance of success.

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Client Testimonials

Mark was very knowledgeable and kept me informed with my case. He wasn’t intimidated with the large law firm. I know for a fact that without his expertise and diligent work ethic my settlement wouldn’t have reached the amount it did. He worked far beyond what I expected, meeting with the company doctor, therapist, and insurance representatives. HAVE A TALK WITH HIM ITS FREE!!!!!
-Royce – Fayetteville, Georgia – Work Injury

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Mark takes the time to get to know you as a person, not just as a case. He’s an attorney you can trust to keep you informed on every aspect of the case. I received all info about the case as soon as he did, and Mark carefully answered every question that I asked. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is in need of an honest attorney.

– Derry – Riverdale, Georgia – Work Injury

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When my adjuster refused to pay for lost wages and for prescriptions, I felt the need to hire an attorney. After a brief consultation, I hired Mark. Within days, I saw results in my case. Everything that happened in my case went exactly as he told me it would happen in our initial consultation. When we went to the hearing, it seemed very one-sided and we won “hands down.” From start to finish, my case lasted less than nine months. My lost wages were recovered, and a sizeable settlement as well. Kudos Mark.

– Ronald – Stockbridge, Georgia – Work Injury

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Mark explained, in detail, how the law would apply to my case and assured me it would take some time for me to accomplish my goal. During my case Mark and his staff kept my wife and me informed and updated. Every time my wife or I called Mark’s office we were able to get a response from either him or his staff. When we settled my case, it was more than I ever expected. Mark and his staff were professional in handling my claim. My experience with Mark and his office was wonderful!

– Timmy A.
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