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Deviation from approved plan causes fatal workplace injuries

Construction company owners in Georgia and across the country are required to provide safe workplace environments in which no known hazards exist. While construction sites must be assessed for safety hazards, architectural plans must be followed to avoid unexpected workplace injuries. A construction worker in another state died when a contractor decided to deviate from approved building plans.

Car strikes 2 work zone construction workers -- 1 dead, 1 injured

The safety of workers in construction zones on Georgia roads will always be cause for concern. In addition to the hazards posed by the type of work they do and the hazardous equipment they use, construction workers have to keep a constant lookout for negligent drivers. A fatal construction zone incident recently occurred on an Interstate highway in another state.

Worker's fall from walkway causes critical workplace injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a workplace accident that occurred recently at a Georgia tire company. The plant is under construction, and the worker who suffered workplace injuries was part of a construction crew. OSHA is working on determining the circumstances that led to the worker's fall.

Construction workers' exposure to ladder falls investigated

It is not uncommon for several companies to be involved in construction projects, and worker safety is the responsibility of construction company owners, contractors and subcontractors. Construction workers in Georgia are equally as exposed to safety hazards as those in other states. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into three companies in another state after the tragic death of a worker on a recent Sunday morning.

On-the-job accident leads to death of concrete worker

One of the many safety hazards workers in Georgia are exposed to is falling from heights. If an employer fails to obey the strict safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workers may suffer catastrophic injuries or even die in an on-the-job accident. In addition to providing proper safety training, workers should be supplied with the necessary fall protection equipment when working at elevated positions.

Lawsuit follows workplace injuries when lift truck falls over

Construction workers in Georgia are likely aware of the dangers they are exposed to on a daily basis. They depend mainly on the company owners or other responsible parties to ensure safe workplace surroundings. Construction sites should be inspected before work commences, and all injury hazards should be addressed. A man who suffered severe workplace injuries in a construction accident in another state on April 30 has filed a lawsuit against two parties who he claims to be responsible for his injuries.

23,000 volts cause workplace injuries to 4 construction workers

Construction workers in Georgia are undoubtedly aware of the potential dangers of their chosen profession. Their employers have a duty to ensure safe workplace surroundings and provide ongoing safety training to make sure that workers are aware of the life-threatening workplace injuries that may occur. Four construction workers in a neighboring state recently suffered electrical shocks that may affect the rest of their lives.

Workplace injuries after fall from water tower kill Georgia man

Construction company owners in Georgia are expected to ensure the safety of their workers, regardless of where their work site is. In addition to safe working environments, workers should receive ongoing safety training and be informed of all potential hazards. Whenever employees are required to work at heights, they should be harnessed and provided with all necessary safety equipment to avoid workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries in crane accident cause the death of a worker

Construction workers in Georgia are likely aware of the safety hazards of their chosen profession, and their families would naturally experience constant concern over the welfare of their loved ones. Although the owners of construction companies are responsible for the safety of their workers by adhering to the strict safety rules as prescribed by OSHA, workplace injuries regularly occur. A 30-year old construction worker recently lost his life at the site of a high school project where he was working in another state.

Workplace injuries at construction sites may cause disability

Construction workers in Georgia face the dangers of potential fall accidents on a daily basis. All workers have the right to a safe workplace, and it is the responsibility of the employer to provide an environment that is not conducive to workplace injuries. OSHA provides extensive safety regulations, and employers who do not comply to them can end up facing severe penalties.

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