Injured Employee's Rights Following A Work Accident

Workers' compensation is a Georgia law that provides injured employees with medical care and income benefits when they can't work, and helps injured employees return to work. As a covered worker, you have rights under the law that your employer cannot take away.

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What Are My Rights As An Injured Worker?

An injured employee's rights include:

  • A choice of a physician from the employer's list of doctors
  • Payment of reasonable and necessary medical treatment by the employer's workers' compensation insurance company
  • Payment of medical treatment received on emergency basis
  • Payment for a second opinion by a doctor of the injured worker's choice, so long as the appointment occurs within 120 days of the receipt of workers' compensation income benefits
  • The right to change from one doctor on the employer's list of doctors to another doctor on the same list
  • Reimbursement for mileage incurred when traveling to and from medical appointments
  • The right to have a light-duty job description reviewed and approved by the treating physician before returning to work
  • The right to payment of weekly income benefits after seven days of disability, if excused from work by the treating physician
  • Payment of a partial weekly income benefit when you're able to return to work, but can only get a lower paying job as a result of your injuries
  • Payment of a weekly income benefit if the treating physician determines you have a permanent injury

Protect Your Right To Workers' Compensation Benefits In Georgia

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