Injured Employee's Obligations Following A Work Accident

In addition to providing income and medical benefits, the Georgia workers' compensation laws also include obligations and responsibilities that an injured worker must follow. Failure to follow these rules could affect your right to receive income and medical benefits.

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What Rules Do I Have To Follow If I Am Injured At Work?

Workers' compensation rules require you to:

  • Report the accident immediately to a supervisor. Failure to do so within 30 days can result in the denial of benefits.
  • Follow the reasonable safety rules and policies of the employer.
  • Accept reasonable medical treatment and attend all medical appointments.
  • Attempt to perform light-duty work if the job is reviewed and approved by the treating physician.
  • Do not make any false statements about your accident or the nature of your injuries.
  • Submit to drug and or alcohol tests following the accident if you're requested to do so by your employer.
  • Attend second opinion medical appointments set up by the employer's workers' compensation insurance company.

Get Answers To Your Questions About Workers' Comp Rules

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