Who Is Responsible For Payment Of Workers' Compensation Benefits To An Undocumented Worker?

The workers' compensation insurance company for an undocumented worker's employer is responsible for payment of benefits. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to identify an undocumented worker's employer. When the employer is identified, sometimes they do not have workers' compensation coverage. It is not unusual for a big company to obtain work and then hire another company to do the job, who then hires another company to do the job, who then hires the undocumented alien to perform the work.

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Determining Who Pays Workers' Comp Benefits

The following information may be important for an undocumented worker's lawyer to determine their employer and workers' compensation coverage:

  • If paid by check, the payer's name and address
  • If paid by cash, the name of the person who paid you and the name of the person who paid them
  • Who provided the supplies for work, such as wood, tar paper and shingles
  • Who provided tools that were used for the job
  • The address and location of the job where the accident occurred
  • The company names on vehicles or signs at the jobsites
  • The business or company that provides your employer with work

To Discuss Your Case With A Lawyer

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